Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are tasked with the responsibility to keep your home cool during hot summer months. They consume a lot of energy and can have problems if not attended to properly or if improperly installed. We provide consultations about air conditioners, installation and repairing services as well as maintenance. We also ensure that your air conditioners create the exact environment that you want in your home.


There are many types of furnaces and it is a daunting challenge for any homeowner to properly understand all the detailed mechanisms. Furnaces perform best when they are properly maintained and all parts function properly. We can cater to any kind of furnaces that you may have, right from installation to minor or major repairing.

Heat Pumps

Like air conditioners, heat pumps are also high energy consuming appliances and if not preset properly, they can create an uncomfortable environment within your home. We can ensure that your heat pumps create the perfect environment by generating the desired amount of heat as per your preference.

Air Handler

Air handlers perform the task of delivering the cooled or heated air through the ductwork. If air handlers do not function properly, then the quality of indoor air can be compromised. We can diagnose and fix any problems that the air handler in your HVAC system may have.


Spark Heating is in the air moving business but do have a strong referral program for top quality boiler service company. Ensuring the boiler functions properly is important for you to have a relaxed ambience within your home and to have peace of mind.

Ductwork/Indoor Air Quality

The ductwork is responsible to deliver air, cooled or heated, to every part of your home where you want. The ductwork has to be properly maintained and should be well constructed in the first place as an error in any respect can affect the indoor air quality.

Besides, we can also help you to have the desired indoor air quality which is free of pollutants, microbes, allergens and air that is well ventilated.


Thermostats are devices that put the control panel in your hands. You can set the desired temperature, humidity and also speed of air circulation using thermostats. Without it, your HVAC system is beyond your control. We help you with buying the right kind of thermostats, how to use them efficiently and to ensure that the thermostats work as they are expected to.