Sue P

October 1, 2019

Good Morning Cleo. I just wanted to give you a heads up that WOW we cannot believe the difference in the basement temperature!!!!! It’s unbelievable.  It’s hard to believe we have lived with a cold basement for 10 years in this house. When we got home at noon yesterday, we decided to have pizza for supper and watch a movie in the basement theatre.  I went down to turn on our electric heater (so it could be somewhat of a good temperature down there by 5PM), and it was…..WARM!!!! Darrell screwed in the vents, Greg put in the new cold air return and low and behold, it worked.  We didn’t need our electric heater because the basement was at a comfortable 20 C already. Darrell and I both wanted to say THANK YOU for figuring out how to fix our cold basement..  Now we can really enjoy our movie theatre and games room!!!! Cheers.